How to make easy vector art

Open the image in Photoshop and zoom in. To create a symmetrical shape, such as a circle or square, hold down the shift key. First, open your image in Illustrator.

how to make easy vector art

Read More , since it enables you to create very precise selections. Read More are a good way to quickly navigate Photoshop. While much of the detail has been stripped from the original image, it also appears much sharper.

30 top vector art tutorials

Each object is a line or shape whose edge is defined by a path. Images cover every nook and cranny of the internet. For intermediate tips and tricks, head to page two , and for advanced techniques jump straight to page three.

This will go on the same layer as your first shape. Vector images are lines and curves generated by mathematical formulas.

how to make easy vector art

From the image below, you can see that I have blocked out all the main shapes and organised my layer palette. Preferably, the image should have a white or transparent background and have a relatively low resolution.

how to make easy vector art

Now you know how to convert an image to a vector in Illustrator! Click and hold on that icon to reveal the full set of tools:. Now use the cursor keys on your keyboard to move both points simultaneously. They are definitely one of THE most important areas.

Vector Art with Photoshop

Trace the outline the hair. For the stroke, you can also set the thickness in pixels and the style. Page 1 of 3: