How to make matchbox covers

The price is excellent. Nip off the sharp corners of the metal, and drill the hanging hole in the top of the holder before starting to bend.

how to make matchbox covers

Open Culture editor Dan Colman scours the web for the best educational media. The secret to this project is a DIY brake fashioned from three scraps of plywood and some piano hinges. Or you could stay at home, trawling the Internet for some of the most glorious, and sought after examples of the form - those produced in Japan between the two World Wars.

how to make matchbox covers

We thank you! Barrel Matchbox. Phillumeny - the practice of collecting matchboxes - strikes me as a fun and practical hobby.

This DIY tin match dispenser is perfect for the cottage

In stock. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. Cut around the perimeter of the pattern with a pair of tin snips.

how to make matchbox covers

Euro Matchbox. Barrel Matchbox Throwback with personalized Barrel Matchboxes for a fabulous, old-school wedding and party favor.

Custom Matches

Name required. Leave a Reply Name required Email required Message. If you opt for a painted design, cut a stencil from a piece of cardstock, and adhere that with spray adhesive.

Candle Matchbox. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. Lipstick Matchbox.

Matchbox Cover How-To

Personalize your box with our FYP Customizer to make this timeless gift even more special! Loved this box of matches, bought for a present and they were very pleased! Or, host a Fourth of July fireworks party with details your guests will love. The matches are just over 2" long with white striking heads and natural wood stems. Pillow Matchbox. I bought these matches to light the log burner in the kitchen as I wanted big chunky ones that burn for long enough to get the kindlin going, in a stylish box that looks ok just hanging about in the hearth.