How to make x-zylo flying ring magic

how to make x-zylo flying ring magic

By thegnome54 Guillaume Riesen Follow. Here is what you need: I used to make almost the exact same thing out of paper about 30 years ago. Share it with us! Wafflicious Gamer917 Reply 9 years ago on Introduction.

Gyroscopic Soda Bottle Glider Toy

SuperTech-IT 5 years ago on Introduction. More by the author: I designed it based on the commercially available 'X-zylo' toy.

how to make x-zylo flying ring magic

By mspark400 Follow. Gingerbread House Tissue Box. You will need a flat area if you want it to work well and get solid folds.

how to make x-zylo flying ring magic

If the cuts are too wide though, it might also lose the pressure that holds the folded part in. I'm not sure how much weight is actually needed. Nice job! The core, that the tape is spooled onto, will work even better.

Flying Gyroscope Out of Piece of Paper!!

Did you make this project? Even better it requires nothing but a sheet of paper!!! Masking tape roll 2 inch, after all the tape is gone.

Throw the X-Zylo 600+ feet!

This is a pretty easy and surprisingly fun toy that you can make out of recycled materials. Cool toy.