How to say hands off in french

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how to say hands off in french

In North America, some want a hands-off approach to the Internet, arguing that it would be very difficult, almost impossible, to regulate the Web. Speaker, the minister's hands-off approach to hands-on interference is bad news for the development of a Canadian innovation agenda.

Show Ignored Content. Additional comments: Other measures would relax rules on lay-offs and working from home and at night. Maryanne Gicquel, a spokeswoman for the FIDL student union, described young people's journey towards a stable job as "a succession of internships and poorly-paid jobs".

Similar translations Similar translations for "Keep your hands off! England have training-ground game with Georgia as they look to bounce back from Wales defeat The 20-minute match scenario will include live scrums and a contest...

how to say hands off in french

Transport scheme proposed to improve connectivity in rural areas Proposals to award grant-aid to hackneys... French ton votre.

how to say hands off in french

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. In exchange, they would have more days off later on. Dictionary and thread title search: Mr Hollande reiterated his support for the Bill after meeting with his ministers at the Elysee Palace.

With next year's presidential election looming and Mr Hollande's popularity having reached its nadir, legislation to make it easier for companies to end employment deals is fuelling discontent in a country badly hit by the economic downturn. You can complete the translation of hands-off given by the English-French Collins dictionary with other dictionaries such as: The proposal technically maintains the 35-hour working week, but allows companies to organise alternative working times without following industry-wide deals - up to a 48-hour working week and 12 hours per day.

French en dehors de. Follow BreakingNews. Paris, France Italy - Italian. The Bill, initially set to be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, has been delayed by two weeks amid growing opposition.

"Keep your hands off!" in French

Outside the Helene Boucher high school, students cheered any mention of how the movement would prevent Mr Hollande and the government from passing the Bill. Homeless figures reach record high of almost 10,000 in January A record number of 9,987 people were homeless...

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English We are telling you to keep your hands off this measure. FR N'y touchez pas!