How to say seventy two in french

Hundreds The French for ' a hundred' is cent. Ordinal Numbers French Vocabulary: How many students are there?

how to say seventy two in french

Tens and units are joined with a hyphen. Expressing numbers 70 to 99. Hi Steven, that would really make a lot of sense.

how to say seventy two in french

Notify me on new answers. This change from un to une must also be made with higher numbers that end with a number one 21, 31, 41, etc. Multiples of a hundred go deux cents , trois cents etc with an -s on cents. Some of these numbers might look familiar. My grandfather is ninety-three years old.

How to say numbers in French

The French word for 100 is cent. Living Global Terra: Cent 100 is never preceded by the word un. If the number is not an exact multiple of 100, then the number representing the last two digits follows cent , which loses its -s: Quatre-vingts drops its final —s when followed by another number. Soixante et une femmes habitent le quartier.

In practice, however, these names now refer to numbers of different magnitude in the two languages. Mon oncle a soixante-douze poules.

French Vocabulary: Numbers 60-100

Note that millions does take an -s in the plural. How many women live in the neighborhood? French usage generally follows the 'long scale', in which a French billion corresponds to a million million.

how to say seventy two in french

The bookstore sells more than one hundred books every day. Numbers 0-30 French Vocabulary: These continue on from soixante-neuf: Remember that the French word for sixty 60 is soixante. Numbers 81-99 consist of quatre-vingt- minus the -s plus a number 1-19: The French for 'million' is million ; 'a million' translates literally as un million.