How to transplant palm tree pups

I have a Male and a Female Sago both about 4 feet tall. Tracy Wale. My sago palms are that large as well. I stuck them in some cactus mix and set them aside. Lighted Palm Tree.

Can Sago palm pups be separated from mother plant?

Thanks for the tip! Natives to Japan, sago palms are popular as ornamental plants.

how to transplant palm tree pups

You must make sure that only half of the pup is inside the soil. I cut fron the top of where the pup meets the trunk at an angle towards the trunk.

how to transplant palm tree pups

If planting outdoors, choose a sheltered bed with full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. Sago pups need a little preparation after they are removed from their mother to ensure rooting.

Sago pups need very little care or attention to root.

How to Grow Sago Palms from Pups

If you cause any injury to the trunk, apply some fungicide over the wound or cover it with wax. If the pup does have a few roots, we take those off too. Like Save September 25, 2015 last modified: There are tons on the market... And, should I plant the babies separate? I take a sharp spade small shovel and get as close to the parent plant as possible and then put pressure until the Pup pops off.

how to transplant palm tree pups

Even serration of the seeds is suggested for promoting the chances of germination. I started watering more often, and put it on a rolling tray so it's not directly on the concrete.

If the pup has roots, cut them off at the base using a sharp, sanitized blade. I realize there are some people who don't like them at all, but for landscaping purposes in the Houston area, there is no better specimen.

How to Remove Pups From Sago Palms

Decorative Outdoor Handrails. Samantha McMullen began writing professionally in 2001. The angle is basically splitting the "V" between the side of the pup and the trunk in half.

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how to transplant palm tree pups