How to use protectorate in a sentence

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Examples of protectorate in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Without the struggle most of the money goes away and the Palestinians, whether as a state or a protectorate , are left being an impoverished, raucous backwater with little future. Morley 1904 ; The Last Years of the Protectorate , 1656-1658, 2 vols.

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Here is the 21st-century European style of decolonisation: Reorganized in 1907 the colonial office consists of three chief departments: Before the withdrawal arrangements - more or less ineffective - were made for arming and organizing the tribes in the protectorate in their own defence. Furthermore, the treaty made the Wassoulou empire a French protectorate.

how to use protectorate in a sentence

Similar words: The British protectorate is estimated to extend over 3,000 square miles. Resources for protectorate Time Traveler! If France, for example, permitted in Tunis or other protectorates operations of an unfriendly character to any power, the injured power would no doubt look to France for redress.

Moreover, Washington's high-handedness may eventually convince the Japanese people that their nation must stop being an American protectorate.

how to use protectorate in a sentence

Island authorities are keen to take advantage of their position as a self-governing Crown protectorate to attract offshore investment funds. Conjugating an irregular verb. The British government the Asquith cabinet came to the conclusion that another expedition against the mullah would be useless; that they must either build a railway, make roads and effectively occupy the whole of the protectorate , or else abandon the interior completely.

It is the headquarters of the Uganda railway, of the military forces in the protectorate , and of the Colonists' Association.

Protectorates Sentence Examples

The fanaticism of the caliph Hakim destroyed the church of the Sepulchre and ended the Frankish protectorate Ioio ; and the patronage of the Holy Places, a source of strife between the Greek and the Latin Churches as late as the beginning of the Crimean War, passed to the Byzantine empire in 1021.

Protectorate total area 5400 hectares, the core area 3150 hectares, this protectorate is the autochthonous zone only preservation complete forest and the wild animal type ecology area.

how to use protectorate in a sentence

Translation of protectorate for Spanish Speakers Britannica English: Revoil, had 1878-1881 made three journeys in the north-east corner of the protectorate , especially in the Darror valley.