How to write a magazine interview outline

Tips for a Successful Magazine Interview

Ask a friend, teacher, editor or fellow reporter to read through your story and tell you what else he or she would want to know. Try to give the interview article some sort of narrative or structure, without making it too linear and logical. You'll wrap up your interview either with a set of notes or a sound recording, but preferably both.

Step 8: Follow these steps and learn how to interview like a pro.

how to write a magazine interview outline

Instead, ask questions that are intriguing, or lead the interviewee to reveal an interesting bit of information.

Be polite.

how to write a magazine interview outline

Your email address will not be published. Plus, good interviews should help you expand your understanding of your topic. Si Jones says: Your ability to be present, to keep your nose out of your notebook, will make your interviews shine with life.

how to write a magazine interview outline

This is probably one of the most important steps in the process of writing an interview article as it all starts with asking the right questions to the interviewee. Step 1: Last year, if I remember correctly, a very hairy guy won the cardboard cut-out of me.

And from reading.

how to write a magazine interview outline

Spell names right. I love this story from Porter Anderson:.

how to write a magazine interview outline

How about the mayor of your town, or a columnist for a local newspaper, or maybe the person in charge of the city dump? Prepare for your interviews. You get a more excited interviewee, who wants to tell you what she or he is into.

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Jemison watched telecasts of the Gemini and Apollo spaceflights and knew that that was her destiny. I love this article, very helpful insights.