How underwater animals communicate for kids

Megan May 25, 2015.

how underwater animals communicate for kids

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The amazing ways aquatic animals hear underwater

While sharks hear a smaller range of sounds than humans, they can hear low frequency sounds that are inaudible than humans. Communication —when we're talking about animal behavior—can be any process where information is passed from one animal to another causing a change or response in the receiving animal. Translate this page.

how underwater animals communicate for kids

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Animal communication

Many animals use nonvocal sounds to communicate information. Shino Nov 1, 2018. What units are used to measure sound? Facial expressions are also used to convey information in some species.

animal communication

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how underwater animals communicate for kids

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How do marine animals use sound?

Be on the look out for the Smart Spark newsletter to deliver insightful facts for the family right to your inbox. All you have to do is spend some time along in nature and keep your ears open to hear the wide variety of communication going on around you. They send out pulsed sounds that are reflected back when they strike a target. Konrad Lorenz http: