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Half the weight of conventional copper wire, the copper-clad aluminium wire voice coil improves HF response to enhance musical subtleties and detail.

KEF M500 headphones REVIEW

Each detail is geared to comfort and high performance. Firstly, there seems to be an intriguing minor trend to add old fashioned tone controls, although God knows why. Welcome to KEF. A hugely impressive wireless system - it's just a shame about the price-tag. Although the ear pads are relatively small so larger ears might suffer a tad, the rest of the build quality is excellent, and the sound quality from this German design is naturalistic, with a tight bass and a transparent mid-range.

Their bass is tauter and better defined too. They have a penchant for fast beats, but can also handle more sedate musical tastes.

M500 Hi-Fi Headphones

View Wishlist. Listen to a 90-minute Mark Hollis and Talk Talk tribute mix. Sweet, natural and beautifully balanced, KEF's 40mm neodymium driver is tuned to deliver full range high definition response from 20Hz to 20kHz. Most of all, though, it sounds brilliant, and worries designs in higher price brackets.

This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress. A niche design, but these KEF speakers will please some with their smooth, detailed sound. Editor's Choice — Hi-Fi Choice "A stunningly stylish, low-clutter, do-it-all system that sounds simply wonderful with anything you play. Still as popular as ever, the headphone market continues to thrive. We certainly hope so.

Do yourself a sonic favour and stay away from the style over substance fashion accessories that some call headphones, and invest in a pair that actually play music.

The best hi-fi gear of 2017

Technics unveils new SL-1500C turntable with built-in phono stage. Brands are being braver in general design, materials used, and concepts followed, but too many still sit within a self-imposed creative prison that says speaker design has to conform to lifestyle demands, to the detriment of music itself. This new book tells the story of Massive Attack. Soundwise they excel in terms of detail and focus, with a bold and powerful lower end to back it up.

Not the smallest standmounters on the planet, but if you can find the room, the R300s won't disappoint... Review — T3 "Those who want the best sound from the smallest and most convenient receptacle should look no further. More Views. Welcome to KEF. Visit the Good Design site.