The shakira worm whenever wherever parody

Hana, dul, set. Starting, of course, with: Mary J Blige experienced something of a career renaissance in the summer of 2001 with her fifth album No More Drama.

Either way, it sure made it rain on the UK singles chart in 2007, reigning for a massive 10 weeks during one of the wettest summers on record. Turisas are very good at these in their own songs too... Thank goodness it's a good song... The film Frozen was a massive commercial success as well and several songs off the soundtrack have charted worldwide. Pharrell is just on fire lately.

So many, so many Sabaton songs: Never in this world.

And boy, is it ever catchy. I Did It Again": Anytime there's a lull in conversation I can be heard humming it. Jonathan Coulton nothing, the Gilbert and Sullivan-style version is where it's at. Come together with your hands!


Another quarter, another 32 amazing tunes! For me, they represent the height of bubblegum pop which blew up around the millennium. But it has reached the level of annoyance where, ironically, it makes me unhappy now.

Gott mit uns! Then how about a little, ahem, Lemonade? Love isn't always on time!!

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Keen to shed her bubblegum pop image Aguilera decided to literally get down and dirty for her comeback single, dubbing herself Xtina and gyrating in a pair of ass-less chaps in what is one of the sexiest and most iconic videos of the 21 st century. Donna Summer! Girls bring the boys out! Red Ant ," White Trash Story. While Mishovy Silenosti's music may be terrible, they're so annoying that they will bury in your head, forever!