What are kobe bryants career statistics bureau

Kobe Bryant is going to go down as one of the best basketball players of all time, and arguably, one of its most popular.

what are kobe bryants career statistics bureau

Relative to his peers, Hundley wasn't all that bad; relative to his peers, Bryant is. Skip to content.

Inside the Numbers of Kobe Bryant’s Legacy On and Off the Court

For their respective team to reach the Finals, each player would likely be putting on an excellent playoff performance; this unanticipated performance might lead to a more drastic increase than a similar performance from James or Curry, who are both largely expected to reach the Finals. As a shooter over his career, Bryant basically has been the basketball equivalent of 2015 Nick Castellanos.

It is how efficiently you use your opportunities to create those totals. But that doesn't mean he was actually better at helping his teams win games. Consultation Speak with a business expert in your industry: And as a sports fan with an interest in all things Google, what better way to quantify interest in a player and his popularity by measuring it with Google search traffic?

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Kobe Bryant Career Statistics

Much worse. I think most baseball fans would argue the latter.

what are kobe bryants career statistics bureau

Above average! There's no doubt that he contributed—as I already mentioned, he has been an above average player, largely because he rebounds well and gets to the free throw line. As such, people see him as not just an all-time great, but one of the all-time greats, on the very short list of basketball's best of the best. Related Statistic Brain Research. Guess what? Other notable cities:. Let's make a few career comparisons.

what are kobe bryants career statistics bureau

Kobe's career mark is 48. But would they really make Castellanos the best hitter in baseball?