What being australian means to me

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What does being Australian mean to you? Gallery and Video

Wow, all the above entries have said it all so well! Why not? It happens all the time " look.

what being australian means to me

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Representations of Australia – What does being an Australian mean to me?

Personally, being an Australian to me means celebrating freedom and the diverse number of people. There is a song called Anthem [out of the musical Chess] When I hear this song I get goose bumps thinking this is just how I feel about this country, here are some of the words, She is eternal,long before nations land were drawn, when no flags flew when no armies stood my land was born, she is eternal.

We are willing to share, but are YOU? As a South Sudanese living in Australia, being Australian has always confused me. Thank You! Not only do we get a day off for being ourselves, but we get to spend that day with our fellow country-men and women and celebrate the fact that we live in this beautiful country that we call home. It means we can have it all — sun, snow and gorgeous beaches our land is girt by sea, remember?

What does being an Australian mean to you?

It's interesting when I try to describe the inequalities and hardships I have faced as a refugee in Australia. Like the great Bob Marley says, " Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, cause none but ourselves shall free our minds. We care for and support the less fortunate people. Sometimes my African school mates put me down, for studying and paying attention in class.

what being australian means to me

We are accepting of all cultures, regardless of whether they accept our values that is a bit of a let down sometimes. Purina Bark In The Park. One of my proudest moments was being there for my neighbour from Russia when she decided to become an Australian Citizen. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

What It Means to Be Australian Essay

Overall, Australians should feel lucky in the country we live in today. Australia means wearing shirts, shorts and thongs.

what being australian means to me

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