What can nurse practitioners prescribe in kentucky

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what can nurse practitioners prescribe in kentucky

A PA may perform medical services and procedures within the scope of practice described in the application to the board for supervisor approval. All Rights Reserved. Physician Assistants.

New Ky. Law Allows Nurse Practitioners to Prescribe Independently

She said though the law is probably geared more toward heavily rural eastern Kentucky, the new law will benefit western Kentuckians. In Kentucky, licensed professional clinical counselors may provide counseling services that involve the assessment, evaluation, treatment planning, amelioration, and remediation of adjustment problems and emotional disorders.

A House committee next week is likely to consider a new measure that could allow advanced practice nurses to do just that. According to a Health Affairs article, in 2012, the Health Resource and Services Administration identified 5,700 geographic areas in the U.

what can nurse practitioners prescribe in kentucky

But Estes said nurse practitioners are properly trained to prescribe controlled substances. Buser also said doctors have more training than advanced practice nurses. With proper training or experience an NP in Kentucky may obtain a federal waiver to dispense buprenorphine-containing products, as long as the collaborating physician is certified, trained, or permitted to treat and manage patients with opioid use disorder.

Yonts said the law means better, more efficient health care without compromising the quality they receive from APRNs.

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Boyd Buser, the dean of the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine at the University of Pikeville, said collaborative agreements are important. Kentucky nurse practitioners want the authority prescribe controlled substances — like opioids — without physician oversight. Health Top Stories Latest News.

what can nurse practitioners prescribe in kentucky

State Profile. Estes, a nurse practitioner near Owensboro, said she wants to prescribe bupherphrione, a drug often given to patients who struggle with addiction to help curb their cravings. Kentucky scope of practice laws do not allow dental hygienists to prescribe medication and currently do not provide for the licensing of dental therapists.

If an NP has met certain requirements after four years, the NP may prescribe drugs independently. PAs may not prescribe controlled substances. By Lisa Gillespie.

what can nurse practitioners prescribe in kentucky

Under certain circumstances a PA may practice in a separate location if the supervising physician is continuously available via telecommunication.

New Ky. The new law lets only APRNs who have practiced with a doctor for four years begin prescribing antibiotics and other common drugs.

what can nurse practitioners prescribe in kentucky