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She makes 288, 8-ounce glass jars a day, which she fills by hand. An early walk-through revealed a bakery case full of boules, baguettes, ciabatta and squid ink loaves. The Farinettis are particularly excited about panigacci, a flatbread they are importing from Wow Panigacci di Podenza, a bakery in Tuscany.

A Visit to Eataly Boston

You're now subscribed to nycgo. The tiny Italian dumplings are meant to be eaten on the go or in house. So what is Eataly Boston? Click here to cancel reply. Newsletter The Fight Corner: Entertainment Selma Blair opens up about multiple sclerosis in poignant new interview.

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A Guide to Eataly

The next U. Log in via Facebook to save your favorites so you can see them anytime, from anywhere. The marketplace employs more than 400 people. There are now 13 locations in Italy, four U. Or in Chicago in 2013. Baker Fulvio Marino makes about 10 different kinds of bread using flour he grinds himself working with Community Grains in California and a mother yeast for the different restaurants and take-away counters in Eataly.

It seems the Los Angeles food world has been waiting for Eataly to open for, well, forever. The company has partnerships with different vendors and chefs, but it is responsible for most of the products in the marketplace.

Zip Code. Now More rain coming as another atmospheric river-fueled storm rolls toward Los Angeles. Doing Business? We have to take advantage of it. I found one shelf dedicated entirely to sauces, antipasti, and vinegars from Ponti , a Piemontese company headquartered a short distance from where my own great-grandparents were born I filled up a basket right there. A hub for all things Italian, Eataly is the largest Italian food retail market in the nation. Eataly by the numbers.

Top 10 Things to Do at Eataly

There are also two cafes and nine take-away counters. For the first time, Eataly will sell American wine. This stylistic cross-section of paintings, sculptures and photographs is a great place to start.