What does ajima mean in korean

I am standing there just smiling and she is looking at me, curiously processing my white wiener.

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Of course, as a stereotype, many older Korean women are nothing like this limited but useful definition. In Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages.

I felt so weird. What does the Korean word magnae mean?

what does ajima mean in korean

Another thing I have surprisingly gotten used to are the ajimas who clean the public bathrooms. I get a thrill out of seeing them dressed in the cute, shinny, colorful Sunday clothes.

What does "Andwae" and "sajima" mean?

What does Jojo mean in Korean? Sadly, the number of hanok is in drastic decline as Korea modernises and cannibalises its past in the process.

Well, you normally say it when you are talking to your older brother.

what does ajima mean in korean

What does the Korean word aegyo mean? What does the Korean word kong mean?

what does ajima mean in korean

Unlike the States where janitors close the bathroom to clean them, ajimas literally clean around you while you are using the bathroom.

It really is a brilliant way of referring to certain pleasurable actions that fall under the sexual but not quite sex category.

what does ajima mean in korean

It is eaten at almost every meal, served cold as a side dish, boiling hot in soup, fried with meat, and in multiple forms involving different vegetables, seasonings and length of fermentation.

And what have you done?

What are "disagrees"?

And they are an enigma. Like Loading...

what does ajima mean in korean

They can pretty much do anything they want. The cast of Ajimae - 2001 includes: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here... The stereotypical ajosshi wears a grey or black suit with a tie — the suit is often made of a shiny polyester-like fabric and the tie may have sparkly silver bits in it. Would you like to merge this question into it?