What does pandiculate mean

Now I get it that you might feel like you want to stretch.

what does pandiculate mean

Get Word of the Day daily email! As a result, certain muscles of the forearm got involved too. Listen to Our Podcast about pandiculation.


They receive a command from the brain to contract. Much like the contract-relax method, there is a relaxation response. This type of pandiculation, for instance, is when you consciously yawn. As babies, we pandiculated inside Mom.

Just as our nervous system learns to keep certain muscles tight, it can also learn to release that chronic tension.


Go ahead and ask her how she felt when you were moving around. Reach and instead of normally paying attention to what you thought is stretching. However, in a conscious pandiculation, you can also tune into what is actually happening when you let go.

And this is what some people actually do. If so, I don't know about you, but when I stiffen my trunk, reaching up is entirely another experience. This part of the movement system has more sense receptors than the muscles where you can really go down further and deeper down the rabbit hole of a mindful conscious pandiculation.

what does pandiculate mean

Who knows if he then spontaneously went into a yawn on account of feeling more relaxation from his biceps, neck and other muscles of the spine contracting while turning.

Those muscles may need a break from over doing it. Fetuses have been observed pandiculating while in the womb, showing how deeply ingrained the pandicular response is in our nervous system and how critical it is to our musculoskeletal functioning.

what does pandiculate mean

You can become intimately aware of what you feel or notice as to how the brain organizes and re-organizes "the act of movement itself". They might brace without realizing it.

what does pandiculate mean

Applied System of Conscious Pandiculations This is what we do in our system of somatics exercises - where we are more consciously tuning into, being mindful and feeling - the entire act of a particular purposeful pandicular movement as part of a series of mindful movements. Do you want to learn Clinical Somatic Education exercises? Resources for pandiculation Time Traveler! Once the movement system is rebooted, you learn how to keep things flowing more smoothly so that in addition to stiffness letting go, pain and tension is no longer an issue in the long run.

What is Pandiculation?

No big woof! Humans, along with all vertebrate animals, tend to automatically pandiculate when we wake up or when we have been sedentary for a while.

Hanna would first teach his clients pandiculations that focused on contracting and releasing one muscle or a small group of muscles, then gradually teach them larger movements which involved moving their entire body. Love words?