What does sdl clothing stand for

Fryma Fabric Extensometer M031 To simply and economically determine the stretch and recovery of textile fabrics, both knitted and woven. R4 110.

Floor Model. Seam test clamp for EN71 G201A22. R3 12 020. Surface pH Pencils G202A.

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Portable Lightbox M005F Artificial daylight light source. Loop Bars 200N 300527.

what does sdl clothing stand for

Portable Microscope G208E. Sample Spinner Y275B. Pneumatic Horn Grips 3kN 300593.

Popper Grip 300454. Fluorescence Suppressor G246N For accessing the presence of optical brightener on the sample. Pilliscope Assessment Viewer M227C.

what does sdl clothing stand for

Moisture Management Tester M290. R3 12 030. Specimen Container - Type 2 103830. Button Test Attachment with Cover 202677.

Fabric Stiffness Tester M003B. Water Purification Systems G003.

what does sdl clothing stand for

Victoria's Secret Loop Bars 100N 300526. Electronic Moisture Meter G211 To determine the moisture content percentage of fiber, yarns and fabrics, natural, synthetics and blends.

Stud Attachment Plate 300440.

what does sdl clothing stand for