What is a ds3 connection

Share this article:. DS3 bandwidth is mostly used as high speed internet access for business applications, often when companies outgrow their bonded t1 circuit speed. OC-1 service is the equivalent of DS3 or T3. As a result, T3 lines often encompass several hundred, or even thousands of, feet of buried lines dedicated to a single customer.

If a T1 line does not have enough capacity then a DS3 or T3 line can be used since it has larger numbers of bandwidth.

what is a ds3 connection

There are many different carriers that offer DS3 circuits, and prices are quite per carrier. A T3 line is a point-to-point Internet connection capable of transmitting up to 44. Both of these terms have their origination in the T-carrier system, originally developed to provide high speed "trunk" lines between telephone company offices.

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A DS3 line also known as a T3 line is a fast high-speed connection capable of transmitting data rates of up to 45 Mbps. OC12 Connection -. The advantage of this is that you are not required to pay the cost of accessing such a large pipe but you still have the opportunity to fluctuate up to high speeds as needed.

Why would anyone consider a T3 line when the same sort of connection speed is available at much lower price?

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Doing Research Online. Each T1 circuit operates at 1.

what is a ds3 connection

Once it arrives at the router it is transmitted to a main server which depending upon the design may be re-routed to other servers where the customer connects to access the Internet.

DS3 Bandwidth generally makes sense for corporations that have a need for high speed electronic data transfer between plant sites or offices.

An Overview of DS3 and How It Works

Protecting Personal Information. It has to be that speed so that DS1 signals that are carried on T1 lines can also be carried on T3 lines.

what is a ds3 connection

Voice T1. This isn't exactly new technology.