What is a peat bog like

Man-Eating Peat Bogs? 10 Top Tips For Crossing Treacherous UK Bogs

A short film competition Young filmmakers with a passion for nature are being sought for our new competition that aims to encourage businesses to see the benefits of the natural world. Most plants cannot survive on the low mineral content of rainwater, but the several dozen species of mosses of the genus Sphagnum can, and these come to dominate the bog flora.

But what we found here opens the door to new ways of understanding biodiversity.

what is a peat bog like

He says they are quite special and different to many wetlands around the world because some unusual vascular plants provide most of the material that accumulates as peat — sphagnum mosses fill this role elsewhere. Twitter Pinterest Facebook Instagram. As a result, the pH of bog water may be as low as 3.

Peat bogs defy the laws of biodiversity

If there are no clearly marked trails, go with a guide. Taxonomic and functional turnover are decoupled in European peat bogs, Nature Communications 2017. The depth of the peat can range from two or three meters about six to ten feet up to about five meters around 16 feet.

Dried peat is also used as a soil additive in gardens and nurseries, and its harvest and export for this purpose is economically significant to Canada, Sweden , Ireland , and several other countries. Hills and Moors. Don't go by yourself - It's always a good idea to walk with a buddy, just to be safe.

A bog begins in a low spot where ground-water is close to or above the surface.

what is a peat bog like

Find out more The Peatlands of Caithness and Sutherland: New research from a world-renowned soil and water expert at the University of Alberta reveals that there's no atmospheric lead pollution in Alberta's oilsands region—a finding that contradicts current scientific knowledge.

Other bog plants include the carnivorous sundews Drosera spp.

what is a peat bog like

The researchers obtained information about these functional characteristics from an existing database, and ran this information against the species they found in their peat bog samples. Robroek et al.

what is a peat bog like

This is the equivalent of 67 percent of all the CO2 in the air, or all the CO2 held in the world's boreal forestland, which makes up 10 percent of the earth's surface. Scotland holds a significant amount of the European and world resource of this rare habitat.

what is a peat bog like