What is bethesda working on now 2014

what is bethesda working on now 2014

Load Comments 8. Until then, we'll cross our fingers and pray to our Weirwood trees that the rumors are true.

what is bethesda working on now 2014

Find more information here. This all started with Hearthfire, an expansion made for Skyrim.

what is bethesda working on now 2014

Consult the The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V: It appears the listing may not in fact be genuine.

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Bethesda is currently working on three new projects

We don't expect to see or hear about Starfield for a while, as both Howard and Bethesda's marketing boss Pete Hines asked fans to be patient.

Now streaming live: Valenwood , which would make sense as it's one of the areas in Tamriel that Bethesda hasn't touched yet.

Skyrim has sold more than 20 million copies, making it easily the most successful game in the 20-year-old series, and by a huge margin. Anthem Ranger: For any real Elder Scrolls nuts ready to leave an angry comment, yes we know Battlespire and Regard exist, but they are not part of the main series of games. More From Tech Deals.

Bethesda Game Of Thrones Project Listing May Be A Fake

There is some good news, though. Bethesda's wheelhouse is typically defined as open-world RPGs, so that's certainly the expectation that fans have when they hear that something is being referred to as typically Bethesda. Get a free Google Home Hub with this Pixel 3 deal. The entire show is being streamed on GameSpot, so you can also watch QuakeCon 2018 here. Email news gamespot.

Apparently We Won't Hear About Fallout 4 For 'A While'

But surely an announcement is just around the corner, right? While this listing confirms nothing, we do know Bethesda has been keeping at least five projects under wraps. Elder Scrolls 6 news - Is it official? Shop Now. Bethesda explains why Doom 4 was scrapped.