What is kill switch app for iphone

And it's not just New York City. The switch locks up iPhones running iOS 7 unless the authorized user is there to unlock it — preventing thieves from being able to wipe over or repurpose stolen phones by doing a factory reset. In 2010 the Android security team deleted two apps created by a security researcher after they "misrepresented their purpose in order to encourage user downloads.

what is kill switch app for iphone

Share Shares. Microsoft said Windows Phone would also be getting theft-deterrent features in an upcoming software update, and Samsung introduced its own kill switch this past April.

If you have already given away a device, and forgot to disconnect it from your Apple ID, you would be wise to follow Apple's advice here about how to remove it from Find my iPhone and disable Activation Lock. Google also possesses a remote "kill switch" for Android apps, but unlike Apple, it has made use of the feature before. This iPhone cannot be used until the correct Apple ID and passcode is entered.

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Prosecutors Want Apple To Use Its iPhone 'Kill Switch' — A Doomsday Device For Apps Few Know Exists

The idea is this: Get the latest Google stock price here. How completely irresponsible and small minded!

what is kill switch app for iphone

Since then, there has been no reported incident of Apple triggering the system in order to remotely delete an app. You're making real progress, and you shouldn't have to do anything else until your phone is lost or stolen. To put a device into Lost Mode, simply log in to icloud.

what is kill switch app for iphone

It's hard to picture why anyone would be at risk of being mugged for their phone anymore, and wouldn't that be great? You can buy all the latest technological gadgetry you want, but I want nothing to do with them because I wish to maintain my consent and as much privacy as I expect. Only authorized users will be able to reactivate it.

Most people have little concern about the feds obtaining information from their devices. Apple has more advice regarding how to do this safely in its support knowledgebase article.

Jobs confirms iPhone application ‘kill switch’

Not so much Apple i am afraid. Hopefully Apple will fix that flaw soon. Finally, for more great advice on what to do if your iPhone gets stolen, check out this article by Lysa Myers. Fingers crossed it won't ever happen to you, but if you are unlucky enough to mislay your iPhone or iPad, whether you think it has been stolen or lost, you should immediately put it into Lost Mode through Find my iPhone.