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It became the tallest structure in Japan in and reached its full height of 634. She won two Oscars, including one for her portrayal of a call girl in 1971's Klute. Fellow actress Candice Bergen, however, said her pal possessed "all that intelligence and generosity and energy and sexiness" that makes it easy to see why the nation fell in love with her in Love Story. It's just a familiar thing that has to have something done to it. Along the way to becoming the highest-paid actress of the time, Moore flaunted her assets in Striptease and posed nude at seven months pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair.

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This former California cheerleader with the crooked nose and the infectious giggle is really just one of the guys. She's got the whole package. Confidential director Curtis Hanson once said of his Oscar-winning leading lady.

But the actress wasn't just another pretty face or, later, an '80s aerobics maven: While Shepherd's good looks helped her break into movies, the actress's comedic talents in the '80s hit Moonlighting proved she was more than just a pretty face.

From the breathless voice and the platinum locks to the hourglass figure, there has been no one who has quite captured the essence that is Monroe. Though Harlow died young — at the age of 26 — she went on to influence generations of future stars, including Marilyn Monroe, who reportedly idolized her, and Madonna, who immortalized her in her 1990 hit "Vogue.

Voted "cutest" by her high school classmates, her former Joe Versus the Volcano costar Tom Hanks said of the beauty with the girl-next-door good looks, "She's not a little wisp of a blondie. Though she was no conventional beauty — Vogue once wrote of Hutton, "Her nose flies west, her mouth flies north" — the fashion bible put the gap-toothed beauty on its cover a record 24 times. I'd say I'm somewhere between a chick and a broad.

Because you don't conform, you have to find different ways of expressing yourself. But at the same time, she is contemporary. Goodwill Ambassador and busy mom of six to red-carpet Oscar winner effortlessly.

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She eventually won for Network in 1976. Perfect Day: Now at 46, her husband of four years, Ashton Kutcher, says, "She becomes more beautiful to me by the minute. Welcome to Keio Plaza Hotel where you can experience the beauty of Japan from within the hotel. Tokyo with Kids: Ryder's luminous, doe-eyed beauty is almost otherworldly, says one of her admirers, director Joel Schumacher: MaX FiRE.