What type of oil 1994 honda accord

what type of oil 1994 honda accord

I just had my right outer tire rod changed, do I need to get a front end alignment? All it does is stop very minor oil leaks.

It's kinda a judgement call, but if you keep up on the changes it should never become an issue. Alignment, syspension and brake shop.

Milage 200k plus. Related Models For Sale.

What engine oil?

On another page in your manual it'll likely have a chart telling you what weight oil to use at various temperatures, which will take care of your Iowa specific question. Honda uses a different mix of friction modifiers in their atf and power steering fluids. This means your car will start easier when it's cold.

what type of oil 1994 honda accord

Honda and Acura engines are machined at very tight tolerances. I read in the handbook it should be 5W-20. Regular 5W-30 stops pouring at -30 - 35 below zero.

If a service facility is trying to sell you anything other than what the mfg. What might be this intermittent faint "ringing", scraping metal noise that hear when I rev my engine or am accelerating?

As for the oil you should keep with the manufacturer recommend oil until the rings have worn, to where it starts to burn oil, before you start jumping up weights.

1994-1997 Honda Accord Oil and Oil Filter Replacement

The factory recommended oil viscosity for your car year round is 5W-30. Best Answer Mark helpful. Please suggest me which oil do I need to use??

what type of oil 1994 honda accord

I have a 2004 Honda Accord LX at 111000 miles. Thank you everyone, although lots of differing opinions I'm inclined to go with Aaron. Just want to keep this car the same way as my others have been kept and they just kept on going for a long time without problems.

what type of oil 1994 honda accord

It is safe for your vehicles and does a great job cleaning injectors. I'm going with the Honda engineer the manufacturer won't steer you in the wrong way so this is just common sense,why use something else that the manufacturer didn't suggest..

what oil should I use for my 1993 Honda accord lx

Guru5XC7K answered about a year ago. Source s: Upgrade into 5w20 instead. Upload Photo Photo optional.