Where to find black rat snake eggs

As far as the rat snake species goes, the black rat snake is the most common. This involves them waiting patiently before a prey is unsuspecting; then they will strike, first biting the prey and then moving in and strangling them.

The females put a significant amount of their total body weight up to one third of their mass! About five weeks after mating, females will deposit their eggs in a hidden area — under leaves or in a rotting log or abandoned burrow — and leave.

Black Rat Snake

Weatherhead, P. It's a black snake — one of the only species with such an opaque color — with a slightly white chin. Individuals of this species may reach lengths of 7 to 8 feet and is, thus, the longest snake naturally occurring over its broad, geographic range of the eastern United States west to Wisconsin and parts of Texas and southern Ontario.

Rat snakes are primarily known as rodent eaters, however, other food preferences do exist. Closed Today Opens Fri. Support Our Work Through land stewardship, science, education, and advocacy, we work to preserve habitat and protect bird species that are of state, national, and global concern.

The musk acts as a deterrent.

where to find black rat snake eggs

Older and larger black rat snakes will eat larger rodents, as well as consume other kinds of mammals. Due to people's lack of knowledge and fear of snakes, rat snakes continue to be the victim of human persecution.

where to find black rat snake eggs

However, they continue to maintain a healthy population in many areas. Adult rat snakes primarily eat mice, rats, squirrels, and birds, as well as bird eggs. Common rat snakes tend to be shy and, if possible, will avoid being confronted.

Black Rat Snake Information & Facts

Ames, Hayley. Life Span: Sometimes, a black rat snake, if desperate, will eat bird eggs. Black rat snakes are non-poisonous and are not usually aggressive, preferring to stay still and quiet to avoid predators. Rat snakes are very useful around barns and in the farming community. The rat snake species all share similar characteristics and much of their habitat is identical. About the Author.

where to find black rat snake eggs

The black rat snake, as the name states, is completely black except for their white chin. New York: It is also an important bird-nest predator, eating the eggs and sometimes the young.