Who gazetted officer india

Gazetted Officer (India)

Continuous Support Our team is always available to guide you through any difficulties you may run into while the service is being delivered. Get Started. Many important documents, particularly citizen certifications, are required to first be verified by a gazetted officer.

No, for the officer to attest a document, the signatory must provide valid photo ID proof. What purpose does a gazetted officer's attestation serve? Overview of Service. Data Security Your information is absolutely safe with us. Such officers are authorised to attest several important documents for the central or state governments.

who gazetted officer india

A gazetted officer is a high-level public employee. Can a document be attested without identifying the person? Citizenship certification: We can find you a gazetted officer who can help you at a location convenient to you. An officer or public servant, who is appointed under the seal of the Governor at State level or by the President of India at the national level and in the Union Territories , requires being listed in the Indian Gazette or State Government Gazette and is considered to be a Gazetted Officer.

Your information is absolutely safe with us. What is Gazetted Officer Attestation? Group A officers, certification is limited to very few officials such as Sub-Divisional Magistrate etc. Class I or Group A Gazetted These officials belong to the managerial or highest class of government servants.

Who is a gazetted officer?

Gazetted Officer Attestation

Please enter your phone number Please enter a vaild phone number. Examples - Peons, Sweepers etc Who can certify documents Attestation of copies of original documents: Authority for a gazetted officer to issue an official stamp comes from the President of India or the Governors of States.

who gazetted officer india

Such officers, among other functions, have the power to verify the documents for academic, immigration and other purposes. Many applications for government jobs require the signature of a gazetted officer.

Verification In the presence of the officer, you will sign the document, and the officer will stamp the document. Group A officers. We can put you in touch with gazetted officers.

who gazetted officer india