Billy corgan howard stern 2000

Howard said it wouldn't be a tape recorder but something digital. He said he sees a lot of people doing really marginal music now. Howard said Billy is looking at this the wrong way. Billy said he read about women who are battered and you get this kind of tension of waiting.

billy corgan howard stern 2000

Billy went on to play "Tonight, Tonight" with an acoustic guitar. Billy said that he tested high for musical aptitude in elementary school. He said he really doesn't want to get into it.

billy corgan howard stern 2000

Howard said Billy's father abused him. Howard said that he is shocked that Billy is into Jesus.

Billy Corgan on Howard Stern 2000 [1/2]

He said that kids were cruel to his brother when they were growing up. Howard asked if he hates digital. Billy said what she did was come out and said that he barely did anything. Billy said that the former band members did not see it that way. He said that was just a rumor.

billy corgan howard stern 2000

Billy said he's a loyal based person and he wants to help his friends. He said he was afraid to ask to play it though. Billy said the thing that matters the most is that the band can continue. Billy said he thinks he's fun. He said he likes rock and roll.

Billy Corgan on Why D'arcy Wretzky Isn’t Part of Smashing Pumpkins Reunion – The Howard St…

Billy thanked him. Howard asked Billy if any of the guys from the band came back to him and said they made a mistake. Howard asked Billy if he ever did the blow job thing in the tour bus. Billy said he knows wrestler dirt and he's what they call a "mark" for wrestlers. Howard asked Billy if he's ever been in a long time relationship.

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He wishes him luck with the new album and said he hopes that it does well. He said that's where the social media thing works but the other stuff doesn't.

He said he did see one for 12 years. Billy said that it was a great song. He said that the band would get mad at him over that and he felt that it was not his fault.

billy corgan howard stern 2000