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Billy Name, Legendary Photographer of Andy Warhol’s Factory, Dies at 76

He refashioned a bathroom into a darkroom and bunked near it, with hangers for his few clothes, a turntable and a collection of opera records. Things did not bode well for our interview. Many others including Nico and Candy Darling died young; Warhol himself died in 1987 , while Reed died in October 2013.

What he desired, he accomplished. Does he miss those wild times?

Billy Name, photographer at Andy Warhol's Factory, dies aged 76

He met Warhol in 1959 while working a second job as a waiter at the restaurant Serendipity 3 in New York. One day, Warhol handed Name a camera and said: He also wrote and performed concrete poetry for a while, crossing paths with the likes of John Cage and the Fluxus art group.

Information about survivors was not immediately available. I began installing foil, and it took so long I finally asked for keys so that I could come up anytime. Topics Photography. It all seems a long way from a hospital bed in Poughkeepsie. He went south to New Orleans then west to California, performing his poetry until the world caught up with his photography.

He also captured other visitors including Bob Dylan and the Velvet Underground. There is Lou Reed looking young and almost healthy in black leather, a cigarette in a white holder dangling from his lips. Name obsessed over his photography, spending hours in the darkroom without any human interaction.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. A statement from Milk gallery said: Often, when we went out, I had to rescue him from people who would pin him in a corner of a gallery and start pelting questions at him.

A large archive of his 1960s negatives disappeared several years ago and has still not been recovered. In his introduction to Billy Name: I just started crying. Name spent months afterward in hermetic solitude, rarely emerging from his room during the daytime.

Name spent a decade in San Francisco before moving back to Poughkeepsie. Recommended Articles.