Detroit torsen differential how it works

It should be noted that the units for the Samurai are available either with parts couplers to replace the side gears, or as a design that uses the original side gears without couplers.

A differential with this type of locking mechanism is called a differential locker or simply just a "locker".

This means that you need to lift off of the throttle to let the unit disengage. On my truck after getting the front locker installed, I went out and tried it out.

Detroit Truetrac differential

They also release instantly when any overriding forces are created while negotiating a turn. Maintenance free. Popular links. When power is applied, the shafts ride up the ramps and load the clutches for a positive engagement. For extreme situations where the vehicle will have one wheel in the air often a locking differential provides better power transfer to the wheel on the ground.

Eaton Detroit Truetrac Limited-Slip Differential

Core features Automatic engagement Unmatched strength and durability Maintenance free Works in forward and reverse Front and rear axle applications Optimized torque bias ratios deliver maximum vehicle acceleration and handling. Helena St. Ford built two different Equal-lock designs.

The problem is that most of us modify our trucks and many of us abuse them.

detroit torsen differential how it works

Find your differential. The ARB Air Locker is an air-operated unit, for which the locking action is controlled by the driver with a push of a button inside the cab.

detroit torsen differential how it works

When the vehicle exits the low traction situation, the differential resumes normal operation. Airing down and skillful choice in choosing a line makes a big difference. Smooth, automatic engagement.

Detroit Truetrac

In my Willys I run a rear powr-lok and a front autolocker Spartan lunchbox style locker Honestly, I think lockers are not really need as much as people think. A wide range of applications are available. This design is not rebuildable. An open diff will allow one wheen to roll if the other loses traction. The main shortcoming of spools is the fact that the outside wheel has to turn faster when negotiating a turn if both wheels are to maintain traction.

Limited Slip Faceoff: Detroit TrueTrac vs. ARB Air Locker

A standard "open" differential works perfectly when both tires are on a high traction surface, however, if one tire loses grip on ice or if it lifts up in the air then all of the power applied to the axle will take the path of least resistance and spin that free tire only.

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detroit torsen differential how it works

However, when one wheel spins due to loss of traction, a patch of ice, mud, too much throttle, etc. When turning sharply while taking off from a stop, the inside wheel will tend to spin easily. These will work well in both the front and the rear just like other lockers. For something cheaper and easier to install, mini spools replace just the internal spider gears similar to a "lunchbox" style Detroit Locker.

Units are currently available for front- and rear-axle applications.