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Please see the DP600A Series for the next generation replacements. Once data has been logged, the program then allows you to download data from the logger, plot the data and export the data to an ASCII text or Excel file format for further analysis.

Supplied with traceable calibration certificate.

el producto omega descargar whatsapp

The layout of the secure software is similar to the OM-CP Series Data Logger standard software, allowing users to easily learn the additional features. May be ordered as RoHS compliant , however, that requirement must be specified at the time of ordering by adding "-rohs" to the end of the part number.

Strain Amplifier/Signal Conditioners Modules for Strain Gages, Load Cells and Transducers

Model OM-73 can store a total of 43,344 measurement points for temperature only or 21,672 points of temperature, humidity and dew point. En stock. One of ten functions can be selected: Estas cookies son esenciales para que la web que funcione correctamente. William Sturgeon, British, scientist; - invented the , Thomas Davenport, American, blacksmith-inventor; obtained first US electric motor. Ordering Example: Start on button press, immediate after setup, or at a user specified date and time Recording Mode: Descargar CN612.

el producto omega descargar whatsapp

Following the footsteps of Sturgeon, Thomas Davenport. The software is a full-featured program that allows you to set up all data logger functions including sampling rate, logging duration, start mode, logging mode, and high and low temperature alarm values.

Productos Relacionados. Memory and setpoints are retained when power is off. Temperature data logger with display.

el producto omega descargar whatsapp

Autoclave temperature validation system: There are two modes the monitor can be set for: