How mitch rompola faked his deer

Yeah, Mitch still lives up here in Traverse. He also knew the magnitude of what he had just accomplished and wanted to get his video and still camera to document the recovery.

Was the Rompola Buck Real?

After squirting scent into the fresh scrape and on his boots, Mitch walked over and climbed into this stand. Now more than ever, Mitch committed to trying only for the giant buck or nothing at all. How many deer have you seen with cut ears or facial damaged caused from fighting. Gold Tip Gladiator, 125 grain expandable, four blades Scent Control: Moments later, Mitch suddenly realized he had seen this buck before — on videotape.

how mitch rompola faked his deer

There have been two occurances where he has shot a big buck and has claimed to have done it with a field point that he accidently had in his hunting quiver! A ton of bad mouthing came from another Michigan hunter that has bad blood with Mitch, Craig Calderone has been and still is the person who has been the most negative about the whole situation, Calderone shot a typical state record buck years back and when mitch beat his record words started flying and one thing leads to another and so on.

It never ceases to amaze me how a whitetail with a huge rack makes reasonable people do and say stupid things. If your going to try and shoot this unbelievable accomplishment down at least use your head. December 2, 2009 at 1: Mitch stood poised, bow up, focused yet again on the spot he wanted to hit, pushing back all other thoughts except the shot.

Mitch Rompola promptly places his tag over this spot.

Legendary Outdoor Hoaxes

The Rompola controversy started back on Friday, November 13, 1998. Disappointed at the grim possibilities and slogging back to his truck after another uneventful morning hunt, he noticed a flicker of gray in the timber.

how mitch rompola faked his deer

So, does he want attention or not? He had the fish weighed, twice--the second time on certified scales. He barely got poised for the shot as the now familiar 8 and 10 pointers veered slightly around his stand and passed at 12 yards.

how mitch rompola faked his deer

As any proud hunter would do, Mitch showed his deer to a few close friends that evening. Mitch Rompola shot a buck. Also, why would he get it X-rayed?

how mitch rompola faked his deer

Dear Reader, The following article is an accusation of shocking big game fraud at the highest level of our sport. Mitch centered his sight on the massive body, now quartering away.

Breaking News: Is Mitch Rompola onto the Next World Record?

Brown also stated that he knew Rompola and talked with him about the monster buck he had been hunting. View the discussion thread. All were allegedly shot in the same area of Michigan — an area not known for whitetails of this caliber. Just like 40 years earlier on his first deer hunt, Mitch Rompola heard the clattering of legs in the cattails. He answered that he did not.