How much are treated blue diamonds worth

how much are treated blue diamonds worth

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how much are treated blue diamonds worth

As you would guess, treated diamonds are cheaper than natural blue diamonds, therefore ensure that you know the origin of the stone you are buying to avoid overpaying. Afterwards, the diamond is usually heated in a process called annealment. Answer 1 simple question — Which diamond color is the most expensive?

how much are treated blue diamonds worth

Value and Rarity of Blue Diamond Generally colored diamonds are much rarer compared to colorless diamonds. Fancy Light Blue, Round Shape 0.

Are Colored Diamonds more Expensive?

The particular color of your color treated diamond will add luster and radiance to your unique diamond otherwise invisible to the naked eye. This certificate will verify whether or not the stone is natural and if it has been treated. Such a diamond would be considered rare and, consequently, very expensive. Green Color Natural Natural Diamond 1. There was only one drawback — the diamonds were also dangerously radioactive.

Enhanced Blue Diamonds For Sale

The mid-range level of prices may vary dramatically based on the existence of a secondary hue, a secondary color, and the intensity of the color. There are many possibilities in theory. Color Enhancements Natural blue diamonds are very rare hence most of the blue diamonds that you find are treated in order to achieve the blue color.

When purchasing a blue diamond, you may be able to drop down a few grades on the clarity scale and still have an eye-clean stone. While there can be debates about which is more expensive, the blue diamond or the pink diamond, there are no debates as per which colored diamond is the most expensive —...

It is recommended to consider brilliance and fire as secondary characteristics and prime focus should be on the intensity of the color of the blue diamond. Well, now you can afford it - thanks to new and advanced breakthroughs in the field of color enhanced diamonds. Please Share.

Yellow Color Enhanced Natural Diamond 3.

A Buyers Guide to the Blue Diamond Qualities

In this comprehensive buying guide to blue diamonds, we will take a detailed look at all the major factors you need to be aware of before you make the purchase of a lifetime. Today, I love helping customers and in a small way, be a part of their emotional journey since every jewelry purchase for me is an emotional experience. Got a Favorite Diamond Color? The HPHT method enhances the diamond with color by exposing the otherwise colorless diamond to extreme heat and pressure.

The best way to check it out will be by using existing examples from our site, a pricing battle — Yellow Diamonds VS White Diamonds.

how much are treated blue diamonds worth

Given the significance of the color, blue diamonds are graded along three different metrics i. Refer A Friend Want a easy discount? Green or, more rarely, purple secondary hues may be present.

how much are treated blue diamonds worth