How much is an acre of property

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Much of it depends on what you plan to do with the land. Unfortunately, the timeline for doing so is at least a few years off but better to be safeR financially than sorry.

how much is an acre of property

It is important to realise that an acre can be measured in any shape - from rectangles to circles or even hexagons - so long as the total area of land is 43,560 square feet. The commercial acre is 82. The 83 acres next door went for just over 4k an acre; they are putting it into pasture, but can't put any chx houses on it -YES!

Prices vary immensely, from right around 2K per acre up to 10K or more.

how much is an acre of property

Land in California, New York, and other high density states will be higher than states with fewer people per sq. States with generally larger rural areas tended to have a lower value relative to their size, while more densely populated states that contain large urban centers had the highest estimated worth per acre.

How Big Is An Acre? Explained

I have noticed a trend for a long while and believe me I have looked at a lot of land in a lot of places -- including other countries. I have seen 2,500 - 9,000 an acre for undeveloped or cleared land with no structures near me in piedmont NC.

My husband flips houses and we have had some jerk appraisers deliberately devalue a house by picking poor comps for the property and refusing to acknowledge the better ones. Please give an overall site rating: Developed land still accounted for 58. Thomas C.

how much is an acre of property

In Nevada, for example, an estimated 86. Start small, practice permaculture, don't fall in love with the property, then move on if you want to. Frank Turrentine.

I've been here for thirty-plus years now.

how much is an acre of property

My wife and I are going out next week to look at properties. By waiting and watching the market for a while, we got what we wanted at a very good price for this area. Many states with low land values had relatively large proportions of land dedicated to agricultural use.

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Kathy Ulrich. I own land in Nor-Cal and have done property preservation on foreclosed and probate housing all over the area. The state open space program puts a value on forest, pasture, tillable, and orchard land based on their estimates of what a farmer can make off of the land in income.

Privacy Statement. I don't mind if part of the property is low, but if you can't walk around it without your feet getting wet the whole time, it would be hard to do anything at all with the land.