How to check my card balance

If you have access to the internet, your very best option is accessing your balance online. This article was co-authored by Michael R. Keep tabs on your funds all under one roof - get instant access to pending and posted transactions.

how to check my card balance

If you're close enough to your maximum limit on a given credit card to be making last-minute balance checks, you're probably carrying more than 50 percent of that credit card's spending limit. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

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Expiration Month must be between 01 - 12. Article Summary X To check your credit card balance online, visit the credit card company's website or open their app on your smartphone.

how to check my card balance

Did this summary help you? You will also be able to look at the dates that the statement covers, in order to assess whether you have made any additional purchases since the statement was made. Can I find out credit cards taken out in my name by social security number? An automated system will walk you through the steps to get your balance. However, in theory, your advance and repayment on the same day would cancel any interest charge. Never check your credit card balance over public wifi.

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You can usually get transferred to a representative by pushing the zero key when in an automated menu. Check Another Balance. The best way to check your balance really depends on two things: You can call it and there is an option to check your card balance. Set Up Direct Deposit Your money sent directly to your account - direct deposit is fee-free 1 and paper-free. If it's a bank-issued card, you'll find the name on both the front and back of the card.

how to check my card balance

Method 3. Log into your account. If you have a smartphone, you have the ability to do most of your banking and credit card monitoring right on your phone.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 19. The vast majority of customer service numbers will route you through an automated system that either tells you your balance automatically, or gives you an option to hear your balance before you reach a representative.

Create an Account. Create an online account, if you don't already have one. If you have set up an online account for your credit card, your process is simple.