How to decorate a lamp shade

how to decorate a lamp shade

Decorating older, worn-out shades or buying a bundle of inexpensive ones at the store can make a fun, creative project for you, your children or act as an excuse to spend some much needed time with your girlfriends or loved one.

Use your fingernail to smooth out any bumps or wrinkles. Start at the back seam, wind the ribbon around and then use another small piece to attach the other end, overlapping the ends slightly.

how to decorate a lamp shade

You read my mind! Thanks for the tip on the tape because I was ready with my fabric glue. In this case, you can angle the ribbon downward a tiny smidge in the back no one will see it anyway , or just use more hem tape to help it lay flat.

Easy-Peasy Lamp Shade Ribbon Trim

Use this tutorial for a quick and easy way to create similar roses. First of all, put away that glue gun.

how to decorate a lamp shade

I found the ribbon at Hobby Lobby. Four-room apartment with terrace in Gothenburg for sale Apartments.

5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Lamp Shades

That is a great idea! Join the ErinSpain. Did the hem tape hold the ribbon on good?

how to decorate a lamp shade

Easy enough, right? Hi Mia! Comments This is such a great idea.

Check out these 5 Easy ways to decorate your lamp shades! I like the navy ribbon — quick and easy update. I love the navy ribbon too. I like this option better because I can change the look if I want to.

how to decorate a lamp shade

If I want to change it out for something else, I can easily remove it and switch it out.