How to disable tpms toyota tundra

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how to disable tpms toyota tundra

Home What's New? Is there anyway to reprogram the computer after removing the sensors? Last edited by pgilley; 10-29-2011 at 08: Photos or a diagram of what you are doing would be nice. Does it cause any other problems by removing them??

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how to disable tpms toyota tundra

Be careful with the diode to ensure that it is facing the correct way because it only lets the voltage flow one direction. Take them out and then put a piece of tape over the light!!

I have had this system on my truck now for about a month and have never seen that stupid light it doesn't even show up on start-up since it always thinks everything is working perfect.

how to disable tpms toyota tundra

Many Toyota Tundra models are outfitted with a tire-pressure-monitoring system that displays a low-tire-pressure warning on the control panel if it detects one of the tires is low. KrytikalCare , Casper 07 "Thanks for this post".

Where is the fuse for the air tire pressure sensor ?

Next step is to connect the resistor end of the series that you soldered together to the light blue wire. Then reconnect the plastic connector to the computer and stick the diode end into the back of the plastic connector so it makes contact with the yellow wire in the top right position. You can do this mod without removing the glove box if you don't mind spending some time on your back in the floorboard.

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how to disable tpms toyota tundra

Tpms light!! Tpms My winter rims do not have the tpms and the light will flash for a bit then shut off or stay steady.

If anyone needs more pictures or additional info I would be happy to provide it. Tundra Geeks Forums Archive Top. Remove that connector and then on the left side of the connector the side with the clip remove the light blue wire 5th one from the top.

how to disable tpms toyota tundra

Tpms Leave them! Tpms You can remove them but the light will be on Someone on the site built a PVC tube to hold the sensors and keep pressure on them I just put a small piece of electrical tape over the light. All rights reserved.