How to drink merlot wine

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how to drink merlot wine

Merlot should be decanted for approximately 2 hours. Then, serve the wine in a wine glass with a wide bowl, a slightly tapered mouth, and a stem.

A Guide to Merlot Wine

While it is a dry wine, Merlot is comparatively low in tannins. If you are serving from the bottle, make sure the label is facing your guest.

With its softer flavor and fruit-filled profile, Merlot is perfect for red wine enthusiasts and new wine drinkers alike.

how to drink merlot wine

There are a variety of options, but generally speaking, Merlot from recent years will be lighter and fruitier than older Merlot. Read the label of each bottle to find out which flavors are highlighted.

how to drink merlot wine

Choose a Merlot from a year that appeals to you. In the world of wine, these terms are more subjective.

how to drink merlot wine

Hold your wine glass by the stem so the heat from your hand does not warm the wine. A wine and cheese party can be a simple and elegant event. Decant your Merlot before serving. Choose complimentary cheeses.

How to Drink Merlot

The bowl should be able to easily hold 30 ml of liquid. If you are going to serve wine, you need to choose the proper glassware. Search for recipes that highlight beef. A wine key is a simple type of corkscrew. Thanks for letting us know.

What kind of wine is Merlot? When you serve Merlot, take care to treat the wine properly.

3 Essential Tips on How to Serve Merlot

Share yours! This keeps any sediment out of the decanter.

how to drink merlot wine

Typically, wines pair well with foods from the same region. Wine is a great addition to a meal, or a wonderful drink to enjoy on its own. Made with 70 percent Merlot, 20 percent cabernet sauvignon and 10 percent cabernet Franc, this wine features black cherry, spice and plum notes, and is best after airing for about an hour.