How to edit clips in krossover

how to edit clips in krossover

However, sports are unpredictable. Our roster had no option of being saved in the system. Learn More.

how to edit clips in krossover

Best coaching tool I've ever used!!! Krossover is building solutions for smarter coaches and more efficient athletes that will give you the insight you need to get better.

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Schedule a demo through the blog to receive:. Custom Highlights For coaches, players, and parents.

how to edit clips in krossover

Montverde has been a consistent power in Florida High School b... An error or bug by the Krossover team. As a coach, how do I order a game highlight of just one athlete, not my entire team? Share this post: In this case, you would want to create a Custom Reel, in which you can compile clips from the games of your choosing.

Editing Your Stats and Video Breakdown with Krossover

Our full-service video analysis. That will help us resolve the issue quicker. Telestrate Hammer home those teachable moments by adding telestrations to your clips.

how to edit clips in krossover

Joe Dagbe delivers actual walk-off shot for South Lakes Va. Athletic Directors: We're not a team that has 10 Division I players, but now we can compete with a lot of schools when it comes to film.

Stats are pretty accurate and the breakdown of the film is awesome. Service is reliable, fast and top notch.

Krossover digital film service simplifies game analysis for high school sports

After clicking on edit you will be able to change the player names and numbers for that event. Girls Basketball 3hr ago Vermont basketball legend Taylor Coppenrath turns into passionate high school coach. Our job is to work with you and your coaches to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

how to edit clips in krossover

Krossover Krossover saved me a ton of time breaking down film this past season. For basketball, for instance, every pass, shot and rebound as well as the players involved in each respective action is catalogued. Athletic Directors and Coaches: