How to make a faux fireplace insert

Just expect a few mistakes here and there and have fun with it. It has real purpose and makes a huge statement.

20 Gorgeous DIY Faux Fireplaces and Mantels

Gosh, so much fun! Quote away, but always link back to this site. Wish I had your talent!!

how to make a faux fireplace insert

Cut and attach the left and right sides first. The top will be flush to all of the edges.

How To Build a DIY Fireplace With Electric Insert

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how to make a faux fireplace insert

I will go on road trips on a whim, try new hobbies, implement new ideas within a day, and start fairly large house projects after thinking about them a day or two. Love your faux fireplace. Would look so beautiful and perfect for Christmas?

how to make a faux fireplace insert

Get budget decorating ideas, DIY tutorials, and access to the free printable library right in your inbox! In order to help you get some inspiration for whatever it is you are looking to create with your fireplace and mantel, I have rounded up some of my most favorite DIY faux fireplace ideas for you to look through. The front piece will cover the cut edges of the left and right sides.

how to make a faux fireplace insert

For more information, see my full disclosure here. This mantel is not designed to have a TV sitting on it.

Easy DIY Faux Fireplace Insert With Real Logs

I hope you do it. You could buy a little electric fireplace and redo the surround areas. Important note: Here, a free standing mantle was turned into a faux fireplace with some additions — deepening the whole thing, adding a firebox and a hearth.

how to make a faux fireplace insert

Based on the pictures it seems like there is nothing to nail the brick to. You and your hubby are so talented! You will need an electrical plug located inside your DIY fireplace frame.

Hang a vintage window from a salvaged mantel to create an attractive vignette you can change for the seasons.