How to make maple flavored bacon jerky

Spicy Coffee-Maple Bacon Jerky Recipe

Baste the cured and roasted bacon with the liquid smoke. Then put it in the fridge or the freezer if you wish to keep it for longer. Since we were using it in caramel, I upped the sweetness when drying it.

Just stick with it! Temporarily out of stock online. Related posts: Set dehydrator to 160 degrees.

How to make bacon jerky in the oven or in a dehydrator

Went recipes and articles before everyone else? Can I make it several days in advance? Leave lots of space for air circulation.

how to make maple flavored bacon jerky

Are you doing this raw? Hair Care. Hey Joel, I never heard back if you found out why you are not seeing my comments. Next Post: If you like the bacon jerky then you will no doubt this associated culinary delight. Do you think it would be safe outside the refrigerator for a day — like on the trail? How long can I keep it in the fridge?

How to make Candied Bacon Jerky (Recipe)

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how to make maple flavored bacon jerky

Lots of people eat this just the way it is and love it. For every pound of bacon, mix 1 cup of brown sugar.

how to make maple flavored bacon jerky