How to write total annual salary ctc

Please inform me salary slip is made from net salary or gross salary?? To verify, just follow the link in the message. Ask them what will be take home or else breakup of ctc. Hello, In the above example the tax on 607200 comes upto 57103.

What is CTC? Difference between CTC Package & Net Salary?

Hi bemoneyaware. In some cost of cubicle would be added. Professional Tax b deduction hota hai…, iske bad b mmujhe Income tax dena hoga kya….

So, I request you please solve my problem. This is ram, sir,i have doubt about CTC structure. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

how to write total annual salary ctc

Sign up using Email and Password. Income from salary would be 3 lakhs 12 thousand. Yha pr me ye confirm karna chahta hu ki jo P.

how to write total annual salary ctc

CTC package is a term often used by private sector Indian and South Indian companies while making an offer of employment to show the total remuneration. Hello, Can you tell me for a fixed CTC, whether getting high basic salary or low basic salary is beneficial to an employee?

Difference Between Gross Salary and CTC

Sign up using Facebook. Dineout GIRF 2019 is live: How much do you think my Tax liability will be only deduction i can think of is my telphone bills Rs. Another thing you can still try to negotiate with the company Every company does have a margin when they make an offer.

It is usually less than what the fresher employee expected. Buut so what, it waas stioll worth it! As per the scheme, the company is providing education facilities to its employees abroad.

how to write total annual salary ctc

Compensation and Benefits. But as per my knowledge and understanding they should provide me LTA based on Pro-rata basis. Hot Network Questions. This happens because due to the receipt of arrears, the total income and consequently the tax payable increases.

how to write total annual salary ctc

Having read this I thought it was really enlightening. In such case your income would be treated as income from business and profession.

how to write total annual salary ctc

More in particular, for a foreigner the requirement would be a salary of 25,000 US a year in gross salary. Table of Contents.