Questions to ask realtor when renting

15 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease

See you at the top! Find apartments within your budget Type in your search location and maximum budget. And some landlords actually have a clause in the lease that says you need their written permission before painting or decorating. A written lease that protects your rights and spells out your obligations will protect you over the long-term so you'll move in with the peace of mind of knowing your rental really is the right place for you.

Instead of risking possible penalties for breaking what may not be an obvious guest policy, read up on any guest rules in the lease before signing. If you want a roommate or to offer your apartment as a vacation rental, it's important to understand any limitations.

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questions to ask realtor when renting

How old are the appliances? Pink-tinged bulbs cast a slightly rosier glow and add extra oomph to your bedroom. What condition are the floors in? Is there a bar across the street that has live music at night?

questions to ask realtor when renting

Near public transportation? What kind of crowd does it draw? Archive Dev Links.

questions to ask realtor when renting

Is there a college nearby that would give easy access for college students? Are they going to put up a new building across the street and ruin your view?

11 Questions to Ask When Apartment Hunting

I like your tip to ask how to submit for maintenance. In New York, you'll likely have to work with an agent in order to view and sign the apartments you find listed online.

questions to ask realtor when renting

Who is responsible for maintenance and repairs? Stock Market News. Ask first before doing something that affects the property.

questions to ask realtor when renting

How much security deposit will you need to pay? The same goes for the end of the term if your lease ends on any day other than the first.

15 Questions to Ask Before Renting a Home

We'll find the perfect rental apartment that fits your criteria. Do they leave the door open so the whole neighborhood can hear the music? Is the security deposit refundable? That said, it's helpful to be thinking about them before you sign the lease.