Screen blurry when scrolling

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Solved: Monitor screen blurry and slow scrolling on the web after Reformat

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I have changed the resolution, put it to the resolution the monitor suggests, and tried fiddling with all the setttings. Forums Hardware Displays. Your name or email address: Well if not I bought a new monitor when the old one was till working fine, then 6 weeks into the samsung 24 monitor , text inside excel and all webpages goes blurry without regard to the monitor settings of brightness sharpness contrast or any resolution.

screen blurry when scrolling

I swapped them out and still had the same problem. View Statistics: Your WPF program will be ready for it.

Did you reinstall the video card driver?

screen blurry when scrolling

Started by officialfyzze May 25, 2018 Replies: Thanks a lot, mate! Jerry Coffin Jerry Coffin 386k 50 472 911.

screen blurry when scrolling

Several things in your client log are likely to be an issue. The phone was working properly but it was very blurry when I was scrolling from side to side or up and down.

screen blurry when scrolling

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You can use IScrollInfo to override the partial-pixel transforms and eliminate the bluriness. Aug 11, 2002 Messages: Just note that the text might not look as smooth as it should while scrolling instantly goes away once you stop scrolling though.