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Ps/2 keyboard not working on windows 8

Logitech K780. I was considering getting a BT keyboard, but you've made some very good points and now I have serious doubts about that.

tastiera logitech non funziona whatsapp

If your article was geared more toward the heavy gamer, coder, novel writing author, or other individual that uses a keyboard in a more permanent position and excessively in comparison to the blogger or social media consumer, then it would make more sense.

It should be possible to route the cables to avoid any snagging problems.

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That said, Backblaze's quantitative analysis shows that it all depends on the drive. And a normal wired keyboard when sitting at my desk.

tastiera logitech non funziona whatsapp

What do you recommend? The author appears to have an agenda and then found information to support that agenda rather than the more balanced approach of a question and supporting research.

tastiera logitech non funziona whatsapp

I can touch-type, but my skills are a little rusty. Can you imagine a world in which the employees tell the boss off for giving them criticism?

Thanks for the comment!


The same is true today. Your article does not comment at all on noise and wehther there is any current mechanical keyboard that can be used when people are around.

These are: I'm not totally understanding the why having a bluetooth keyboard is bad. Six dedicated G-keys can be programmed with custom macros and in-app commands. I just wanted to warn buyers that no perfect solution exists and then recommend models based on those needs.

tastiera logitech non funziona whatsapp

I honestly dont think you have ever used a blutooth device. Post thread. That's true. These are mostly used on laptops, and as you showed in the tear-down, some other very thin keyboards.