What did the ccc program documentation

BeginPlay - called when the object first comes into gameplay existence. TArrays have the added benefit of having their elements garbage collected.

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Include files All include files used in a program file should be put at the beginning of the file. Will check for valid values.

what did the ccc program documentation

Writing Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. HTML tags can be used or not. This class, coupled with UClass , provides a number of the most important base services in the engine: Once that amount of time has expired, the actor will automatically have Destroy called on it.

In this case, documentation is essential because:. This is also the origin I am pretty sure of the "don't repeat what you are doing in the comments.

what did the ccc program documentation

In order to illustrate the relationship of an AActor and its UActorComponents, let us dig into the Blueprint that is created when you generate a new project based off of the First Person Template. AActor derives from UObject, so enjoys all of the standard features listed in the previous section. All objects that can be placed into a level extend from this class.

what did the ccc program documentation

The base building block in the Unreal Engine is called UObject. A FName stores a commonly recurring string as an identifier in order to save memory and CPU time when comparing them.

what did the ccc program documentation

Note that in this case none of doxygen's special commands are supported. Alternatively, you can choose Go to Definition from the context menu right-click, then choose Go to Definition. The second style is more "human-friendly" and while much easier to read is nevertheless not as frequently encountered. Inline comments near anything particularly tricky, unclear, or expensive.

what did the ccc program documentation

Often that includes the spawning of effects or other visual impact, such as hiding or unhiding an actor. The documentation also provides the framework in which to place the code.

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If no. The class wizard generates your class with BeginPlay and Tick specified as overloads. Learn more. Many companies have moved away from the idea of "hero programmers" i.

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There's a separate Specifier, BlueprintReadOnly , that you can use if you want the property to be treated as const in Blueprints. I do not go back over written code and try to come up with the comments then. What you write depends on your audience. Studies have shown that this is easier for beginning programmers.