What does bsk pride mean

The amazing pictures that reveal why WWE legend The Undertaker had BSK tattooed onto his stomach

To have the friendship that we have now is extra special. I met them all in WWE. Yoko would talk like a gangster. We became tighter. All the time, we represented the company.

10 Incredible Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Undertaker

Godwinn a. Nobody was willing to ask. Fuji without mentioning one of the biggest urban legends about the guy.

what does bsk pride mean

Undertaker came up with that. McCoys territory.

BSK interview

I got a dagger on my arm. K member The Undertaker in the fifth match of the evening. Savio played.

what does bsk pride mean

We had the same sort of temperament. Let me tell you a story.

what does bsk pride mean

Savio Vega was the first guy to get one, doing so after he caught the ink bug on a visit to the Florida Keys with his wife. Having that put on you, you must have been pretty tight guys.


Instead, after some panic, newspapers were laid down on the floor at the back of the plane and Yokozuna was allowed to relieve himself while the team of traumatized flight attendants used blankets to shield the sight from the other passengers. Then The Kliq goes and does that and takes away my thunder.

In the locker room, everybody was listening to what Undertaker said, because he was the company man. I talked to Rikishi a couple of days ago, and it seems like everybody has a different feel for what BSK was.

what does bsk pride mean

With additional interviews by Brian Pellegatto and Joey Styles. Undertaker vs. What do those letters stand for, and why was it so important that Undertaker wanted it tattooed on him for all to see?

10 Things You Didn't Know About The Undertaker

Godwinn mentioned Brian Adams a. All of us would be there for that other person if they needed us. The dream match of Undertaker versus Sting has already happened. If we ever had any problems, we had Yoko and The Undertaker to help us solve them.

what does bsk pride mean

Since The Undertaker is the most famous member of the Bone Street Krew and the only one still competing in the WWE today , most people believe he was also the founder and ringleader of the group.

Aside from wrestling, shoot fighting being his beloved sport and he also had a keen interest in the sport of basketball.