What does estas brutal mean

A lo anibal- Reference to the recent governor that was accused of tax evasion and government corruption.

Appendix:Puerto Rican slang

What's up girl? Spanish appendices.

what does estas brutal mean

Now everyone has Justin Bieber fever. Ex Pichea lo que dije no era verdad. Puerto Rican accents.

Puerto Rican slang, posted by DJ Huero

Forget what I said it wasn't true. It literally translates as "Like Dora's kitty, if you take it out she cries and if you put in she screams.

what does estas brutal mean

F Faranduleando - "Gossiping about celebrities" Farandulera - "A girl who likes to dress up for any event, even if its going to her front porch" or "dressing like a movie star. Here is a list of slang commonly used in Puerto Rico, with usage notes and a loose translation into the English language:.

If neccessary, I will go back and censor some of it, but I believe being upfront and blunt is the most informative way to go.

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Perro que huele carne - Literally translating as "dog that smells meat," it is used to describe a situation where a person might suspect something he or she wants is within reach. It literally translates to "A rooster does not sing clearer.

Que tronco 'e cancha - An esoteric way of saying "that a girl has a big ass" and associating it with a large gathering place that boys are fond of and like to frequent for play: Used the same as Bregaste cajita e pollo , "you handled it like a box of fried chicken".

what does estas brutal mean

A comical, my buddy the painter , used frequently to make fun of men whose wives commit adultery. Similar to.

what does estas brutal mean

They are traditionally served in a paper cone and shaped like a pyramid. Piragua - A Puerto Rican shave ice treat. Used when you give a person a chance and they take more of whats given.

what does estas brutal mean

Follow me, the good ones! Mai - Short for mami which means and is pronounced the same as "mommy".