What does perceptual anesthesia mean

what does perceptual anesthesia mean

In Hilgard and Marquis' procedure, an electric shock delivered to the patient's anesthetized hand served as a CS for a shock US to the normal hand. We've already noticed at least two difficulties. In the dissociative disorders that constitute classic "conversion" hysteria, something else seems to be involved.

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Memory for unattended events: The alteration in the state of being that defines the anesthetized state is, by nature, intangible, and hence may require metaphor for comprehension. Science and feeling: Journal of Abnormal Psychology , 90 , 390-391. This analogy dates back to Descartes, who revolutionized medical theory by splitting the concept of the mind from the body and comparing the body to a machine.

what does perceptual anesthesia mean

Butters, N. Discrimination and learning without awareness: Child Dev 55: Analogy is also a form of metaphor, a proportional metaphor, and introduces more elements: The metaphorical process as cognition, imagination, and feeling.

British Journal of Clinical Psychology , 25 , 231-232.

An anesthesiologist explains misconceptions about anesthesia

Burke K: Ion channels and nerve cell function, in effects of high pressure on biological systems, Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology. Communiques from medicine's inner worlds.

what does perceptual anesthesia mean

Simile is a comparison using a connecting word or words most commonly "like" or "as" to reveal an unexpected likeness between two different things.

However, the orientational metaphor usually associated with the state of anesthesia is up-down, a more cohesive system of metaphors.

what does perceptual anesthesia mean

For example, the person may be anesthetized and thus unable to form conscious percepts. Wertheimer Eds.