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Drake, Future, Hip-Hop. Kelly arrested at Chicago precinct on criminal sexual abuse charges. Later, a more assertive tweet from someone who claims to be working for Skee aligned with Yee's remarks:.

The cover art appeared to originate with Twitter user Itzbizkit: The image of the owl appears to be an edit of a stock photo of an owl from the website Deviantart. Winter 2018 The Now Issue. Music Style Culture Video.

Here’s Why Everyone Is Talking About A Drake And Future Mixtape

A suburban woman reportedly posted R. Read Next: The hype was kickstarted that morning, when Angela Yee suggested a collaboration between the rappers was imminent, on Power 105's The Breakfast Club. Rumors escalated this Wednesday after an unclear tweet from DJ Skee—whose record on truthful secrets is extremely mixed.

Then an image of a "cover" started appearing everywhere. By Myles Tanzer. Share Tweet. OB O'brien, an OVO affiliate and onetime Drake collaborator, posted the image to his Instagram late Thursday night, only to take it down five minutes later:.

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When asked if he made the image himself, he said "no. The 10 best new rap songs right now. Today, Yee posted a tweet suggesting that she wish she hadn't spoken: Twitter facebook youtube instagram. Drake x Future secret tape??? With time to kill, on Thursday night Twitter began freaking out about what a Drake and Future tape would sound like.

Damn 2 people are about to break the internet tomorrow with this mixtape coming out of left field...