What does smarmy git means

what does smarmy git means

Smarmy [online]. Sentence Examples.

what does smarmy git means

Meaning of smarmy in English. Slagging someone off means to bitch about and say horrible things about someone behind their back.

What a great outfit! Pagination 1.

what does smarmy git means

He came in, sat down and said to... Tom was being a mincer and faffing about.

What does the word 'git' mean?

What does the word "git" mean in Brit-speak? I said OK, just don't tell any of my friends.

what does smarmy git means

What my mother, your mother, and every other English mother in the country calls weed. Yahoo Answers. Noun plural gits UK, slang, pejorative A contemptible person.

what does smarmy git means

And WHAM! Appalachian, southern US To leave.

Meaning of "smarmy" in the English dictionary

Culture Dear travellers to the United Kingdom: The film will be directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the same duo who... English words that begin with s. Download the mobile app. Telling porkies means telling lies. You Americans call it pot.

17 essential slang phrases you need to understand people in England

When someone faffs around they are taking their time, floundering, and mincing. Existing questions. From Wikipedia. English words that begin with sma. On the edge of my seat: Being a git is primarily about being officious, greedy, irritating or vindictive.